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Why "Thrum"? Our philosophy and approach to leadership


Juliette Phillipson - 2024

Leadership is about resonance, teamwork, and collaboration. Our name, "Thrum," evokes the harmonious sound of individuals coming together to create something greater than the sum of their parts. Just as a thrum signifies a collective vibration, we aim to foster an environment where healthcare leaders resonate with one another, amplifying their strengths and driving impactful change.

Our Approach to Leadership Development: Evidence-Based, Participant-Centered, and Multidisciplinary

We believe that effective leadership development requires a tailored and comprehensive approach. Our philosophy is rooted in rigorous academic research and practical application, ensuring that our programmes not only impart knowledge but also facilitate real-world impact.

We recognise that leadership development is most impactful when it blends theoretical expertise with practical experience. While relevant educational content is crucial, the methods we use to deliver this content are even more important. Research shows that leadership learning is most effective when participants can apply new ideas in practice. Our programmes incorporate longitudinal projects, action learning, role play, and discussions to ensure that participants can practice and refine their leadership skills in real-world settings.

Our programmes are co-designed and delivered by a mix of external faculty with leadership expertise and internal faculty with lived experience within the organisation. This approach ensures that participants receive both relevant and up-to-date guidance. Teaching sessions, mentoring, and fireside chats allow faculty to share their leadership journeys, enriching the learning experience.

We design our programmes to foster rich interactions among participants. By creating an environment that encourages collaboration and social learning, we empower participants to apply their new skills confidently in their workplaces. Leadership in healthcare spans across disciplinary boundaries. Therefore, we advocate for multidisciplinary participation in our programmes. Including individuals from diverse professional backgrounds enhances the learning experience and supports better outcomes for both participants and their organisations.

We continuously evaluate our programmes more extensively than any other in the UK. These evaluations help us refine our offerings and share our findings through academic publications, presentations, and consultations. Our mission is to ensure that investments in leadership development are impactful and contribute to a functional and improving healthcare system.

By adhering to these principles, we deliver leadership development programmes that are not only educational but transformative, fostering leaders who can drive meaningful change in their organisations.

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