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Below you will find links to some of our academic publications. You will also find blogs written by our faculty and participants, as well as a knowledge centre where you will find expert summaries of evidence.

There is also information about our bespoke programme evaluations

Bespoke Evaluations

Globally more than £300 billion is spent per year on leadership development, yet many programmes rely on superficial feedback to evaluate their success.


We believe that effective evaluation of courses is essential to facilitate ongoing development and to help organisations increase their internal capacity to deliver effective leadership development.


Using a range of methods developed in academic and industry research, we explore participant reactions, learning, change in behaviour as well as the organisational outcomes of our programmes. As well as evaluating our own programmes, we have externally evaluated local, national and international leadership development programmes.

We specialise in tailored programme evaluations. We use a range of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques as most appropriate for each programme. Whether it's a needs analysis, a start-to-finish evaluation, a post-programme evaluation, a series of interviews and focus groups or design of questionnaires and evaluation methods, we can find a solution to fit your programme.

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