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Education Leaders in Training

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Two students and a facilitator working together

The Education Leaders in Training (ELiT) Programme uses blended learning techniques to introduce and develop leadership and teamwork skills.


Delegates are encouraged to actively employ learning in their environments through team quality improvement projects, affording them an opportunity to experiment with and adapt new skills and techniques.

Teaching methods include presentations, small and large group discussions and facilitated project work.

Programme overview, showing how projects stretch across the programme and are supported by monthly workshops

Team Leadership Projects

(in teams of 3-6)

Eight Leadership Workshops

(Six facilitated workshops and two additional group days)

Team project work requires a significant time commitment while on this course.

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Seven full-day workshops help actively introduce you to new leadership ideas.

Participants agree to attend at least 5 of 7 sessions and must have approval to do so.

Each workshop includes:

Inspiring Speakers

Personal and Team Reflections

Practical Leadership Skills

Healthcare Leadership Theory

Team Project Work

Team Projects

Real leadership development requires practical experience.


The ELiT is centred on a multidisciplinary team leadership project as a vehicle for your leadership learning.These projects offer an opportunity for you to work together as a leadership team, to apply your learning from the workshops, and to develop as collaborative leaders.

Leadership projects are supported by ELiT faculty and by a team mentor.

Projects represent a considerable time commitment on the programme.

They are also the main part of the programme you will reflect on having developed real skills from.


Some examples of projects from our other programmes are included as posters above and video abstracts below.


Session topics include:

  • Project Planning

  • Complexity

  • Quality Improvement

  • Innovation

  • Leadership Styles

  • Leadership Theory

  • High Performing Teams

  • Sustainable Change

  • Managing Conflict

  • Business Planning

  • Negotiation

  • Influence

  • Communication

  • Team Resilience

  • Psychological Safety

  • Leadership Ethics

  • Healthcare Strategy

Topics may be adjusted according to participant needs

A word cloud showing how people feel in the programme
A set of scales showing high fun, engagement, organisation, engagement and applicability

ELiT - Faculty & Past Speakers

A faculty member

Oscar Lyons


A faculty member

Oscar Lyons


A faculty member

Oscar Lyons



Number of participants:

Up to 24 multidisciplinary delegates per cohort.

Participant Description:

Medical Educators working in the Thames Valley Deanery Places will be allocated on a per-site basis, with a small number of places reserved for deanery applicants. Participants must be in a role where you regularly contribute to supervision or medical education, or intending to progress into a role with a significant medical education component.


This programme is valued at £13,500 per person. Successful applicants to the ELiT Programme are fully sponsored for their course costs by the Thames Valley Deanery.

Selection Criteria:

Delegates will be selected based on the basis of your application question answers. Recommendations may be taken into account.


Visit the applications page to learn more about the application process and current availability. For other queries, fill out our contact form via the 'Contact Us' page.

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