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Finn Tysoe

ELP Organisational Lead (SUWON)

Finn has been deeply affected by Robert Heinlein’s maxim that ‘specialisation is for insects’. His career reflects that belief having been grounded in haemato-oncology nursing but subsequently taking in midwifery, global health, research, management, and education. Each of these fields, as well as others, are brought to bear in pursuit of his core interest in trying to make the world a better place than he found it.

Development of people has been a thread that runs throughout Finn’s career. His students have gone on to become senior nurses and academics in their own right. He counts these as his most treasured accomplishments; more impressive than anything he has personally achieved.

Finn is presently Education Lead for the SUWON division of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. He has, and continues to, design and teach post-graduate programmes. He teaches advanced communication skills in the UK and Palestine. In 2019 he was awarded an Emerging Leader scholarship by the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

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