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Dr Alex Bunn

ELP Lead (Projects)

Alex is currently undergoing GP training, following a 2 year fellowship in the Ambulatory Care Unit at Oxford University Hospitals.

Alex has attended several courses including; Emerging Leaders Programme, Value Based Healthcare (Harvard University Business School), Edward Jenner Programme (NHS Leadership Academy), OUH QI Hub and a Module in Professional Practice (Bucks New University).

Alex is currently a RCP Chief Registrar, undergoing the flagship leadership programme to develop into a future clinical leader. He is training to become a GP, after previously completing a dynamic two-year fellowship at the Ambulatory Care Unit within Oxford University Hospitals. Along this journey, Alex has been a continuous learner, seizing opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills through various courses and programmes.

Among these enriching experiences, Alex has delved into the Management in Medicine programme (Green Templeton College), as well as the Emerging Leaders Programme (Thrum Leadership) and Edward Jenner Programme (NHS Leadership Academy). In addition, he has completed a PGCert in Professional Practice (Bucks New University), as well as a 'Value-Based Healthcare' course at the renowned Harvard University Business School, refining their understanding of delivering high-quality care efficiently.

Alex has actively engaged in enhancing quality and innovation within healthcare through his participation in Quality improvement at several stages throughout his career, and continues to provide hands-on mentoring experience in driving quality improvement initiatives and fostering a culture of continuous enhancement.

These diverse experiences have ignited Alex's passion for Quality Improvement and Leadership within Healthcare. With a robust foundation built upon these experiences, Alex is poised to make significant contributions to the advancement of healthcare delivery, driving positive change and improving outcomes for patients and staff alike.

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