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Education Leaders in Training (ELiT) programme


Effective leadership development comes from experiences and experimenting.

The ELiT programme is designed around team medical education leadership projects, creating a safe space for you to explore different ways of leading as part of a team.

Your project work will be supported through leadership workshops, where you will have fireside chats with inspiring local leaders, you will be introduced to new skills and ideas about leadership, and you will be supported through facilitated group work time.

Each of you will also be paired with a ELiT programme coach, who will support you to contextualise your learning and overcome barriers through coaching conversations.

Course Structure:

Team leadership projects

(in multidisciplinary teams of 3-6)

Eight Leadership workshops

(6 full day workshops and 2 extra group days)

Individual coaching conversations (1:1)

Team project work requires a significant time commitment while on this course.

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