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Workshop Feedback

"I was post-nights and didn't even feel sleepy because of how interesting it all was!"

"Excellent session! Really enjoyed the discussion about healthcare finance and policy-making. Good group work session."


"The talk on the NHS structure this morning was fantastic."


"Very interesting presentation about NHS innovation this morning."


"Made potentially distant topics very relevant to us"

"Great speakers, great use of stories"


"Just carry on what you're doing. Amazing program!"


"The management sessions are excellent – well informed engaging speakers – I could listen all day estimation point"


"I am really enjoying the course and would recommend to colleagues next year"

Coaching Feedback

"I really enjoyed the coaching sessions as part of the leadership programme. I think they were the most useful way to apply what I learnt in the course into my real life. It was great to take time to reflect on daily situations to find the best approach and mindset to face them. I also appreciated the fact that the meetings were held in an informal and friendly atmosphere, sometimes in front of a cup of coffee, but still very professional."

"The sessions with [my coach] turned out to be the most helpful part of the next generation leadership course, as it provided an opportunity to work through specific problems and identify areas for future work that will help to improve my leadership skills. [He] provides a safe, supporting, understanding and constructive space to explore issues that at times can be difficult. He assisted in applying course content to specific settings. He also maintains a professional and rational approach to support reflection and problem solving, the consequence of which were action points after each session. I would definitely encourage others to consider having mentoring in the future and I hope to build on the work done so far."

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