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Oxford Leadership Programmes

Programme Directors



Oscar runs leadership development programmes for doctors, allied health professionals and researchers across a range of NHS organisations and universities.
He worked as a doctor in New Zealand before moving to Oxford with a Rhodes Scholarship for his DPhil in Leadership Development in Healthcare.


Past Programme Director - Emerging Leaders Programme

Karandeep Nandra is a public health registrar and teaching fellow. A graduate of the first Emerging Leaders Programme, Karandeep has been a programme director since. He has been a full-time teaching fellow since 2018, and has delivered a wide range of sessions alongside the ELP. He has received outstanding feedback for his teaching, facilitation, course direction and curriculum development.


Programme Lead - Emerging Leaders Programme

Joao Galante is a Clinical Oncology registrar at the London/KSS programme, and a MSc candidate at the Institute of Cancer Research.
Joao worked as an engineer in Poland, before studying medicine between there, the UK and the United States, and working at Oxford University Hospitals as a medical doctor.
Alongside his involvement in quality improvement, trainee representation, engagement and teaching, Joao has been a core faculty member, facilitator and tutor for the Emerging Leaders Programme since 2018, after graduating from the first edition of the ELP. 

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