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Next Generation Leaders Programme


Individual Impact

Skills, knowledge, confidence:

Participants learn a range of important leadership, management, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills. Through facilitated group work and team projects, they have the opportunity to practice, adapt and improve their practical skills and confidence in these areas.


By working in teams, delegates develop relationships with peers they might otherwise not have the chance to interact with.

Internal and external speaker sessions offer opportunities to learn from and interact with senior healthcare leaders. 


Organisational Impact

Team project outcomes:

Teams design, deliver and evaluate a tangible change project.

Project topics are proposed by BRC leads and adapted by teams. 

Leadership capacity:

Leadership theory, skills and practical experience are developed in early to mid-career healthcare researchers, who are important future leaders in research and clinical practice.

Conflict resolution capacity:

Participants are trained in recognition, management and resolution of conflict. Conflict is inevitable in work environments, and by learning to effectively recognise and manage conflict, participants may be able to improve team functioning and cohesiveness.


By offering a means for early to mid-career researchers to interact and work with each other, the Next Generation Leaders Programme helps to build a more connected community.

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